GPS Magazine Launches

GPS Magazine Launches


GPS (Gay Palm Springs) Magazine is the next generation of the gay rag.  A new way to get entertainment info and updates.  Print publications require the reader to go pick up a issue.  GPS digitally delivers the magazine via opt-in email, mobile app, social site and websites.  Directly reaching 25,000+ every week!

GPS Magazine is only about special deals and events.  There are no articles or editorials.  It’s simple and creative.  There are photos and videos with audio updates, which makes the magazine fully multimedia.

The magazine is optimized for phone devices and tablets (which more people are using compared to desktop computers).  This makes the magazine accessible anywhere along with taking advantage of special offers directly at the place of business.

GPS Magazine is digitally published each week on Friday.  The distribution is 25,000+ (which directly reaches the reader).  This direct distribution is via the PrideNation Mobile App (which the user is sent a notification of the new issue).  It’s also directly sent via opt-in email newsletter , ,, PNN Mag and numerous social sites.

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