What’s the best way to use this map directory?

Click on the categories on home page or use the ‘search’ function on any page.  You can also use our ‘Live Directory Assistance’ function.

How does the header map work?

You can scroll the map, click on the icons for business details.

Why are map icons compiled on top of each other?

That means there are a lot of businesses close to each other.  Use the map’s “+” (located on top-right) to expand.

How do I scroll the map on my mobile device/tablet?

Click the “activate” button on the bottom-right of the map.  That will allow you to move around on the map.

Why don’t I see the homepage header map or the listings header maps?

Our dedicated server is speed optimized so your device may cache some of our web pages.  Just refresh (or reload) the page and the map should load.

How does the Live Directory Assistance work?

If you’re looking for a business that’s not on the map, or you have a question about a listed business; simply click the “Live Support” button located on bottom-right of any page.  (it’s the “Chat” button on mobile devices)

How is this directory different from others?

Technically speaking, GayPalmSprings.org is faster loading then others.  There’s nothing more annoying than waiting for information to load on your mobile device.  Unlike other local travel directories (who use third-party software templates and reside on shared servers); GayPalmSprings.org is on a super-fast dedicated server with custom design framework.

GayPalmSprings.org also has live operator directory assistance.  So whatever you’re looking for, we can help live!  Just click the “Live Support” button located on the bottom-right of any page (it’s the “Chat” button on mobile devices).

How do I get my business listed on this site?

Simply contact us and we’ll get you set up.

I have another question that’s not answered here?

Simply contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.